IoT-SCADA Automation


Top 10 Remote Monitoring & Control Solutions:

  1. OEM solutions for remote monitoring and control of “any device”.
  2. Water distribution system, pumps, levels, flow, alarms, reports etc.
  3. Environmental monitoring, groundwater, flood detection, pH etc.
  4. Street lights, control and energy saving system
  5. Storage tanks, level, consumption etc.
  6. Pipeline Cathodic Protection systems
  7. Unmanned station supervision
  8. Vibration detection for bearing wear
  9. Railway gear ice prevent heating
  10. EV charging solutions

Complete Solution includes:

  1. CiTop IOT-PLC controller(s)

    The Controller is relatively small in size but packed with intelligent features. It can be programmed and equipped with needed analog inputs and communication module, powering options and enclosure. It has variety of PLC and communication features. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)  features include fast analog and digital I/O handling,  data logging, locally or remotely programmable control program, instant alarm sending, real time clock & calendar tasks, multiple power save modes for long term battery operation / mains power, PID controllers, changeable analog input modules for different sensor types, etc. Communication capabilities include NB-IOT, GSM, GPRS, Modbus RS232 etc.

  2. CiTop IoT-SCADA service

    CiTop IoT-SCADA is one of the first Cloud (IoT) SCADA (SaaS) service. It has been in operation since year 2003.  It has evolved to include all the SCADA features, Web based graphical interface, trends, alarms, animated process views, relational SQL databases, reports and communication features.

  3.  OEM customization for  both hardware and software. Branding is possible.

  4. Engineering services, PLC programming, IoT-SCADA design, system maintenance, data backups, documentation, co-operative marketing etc. can be offered.

Contact information:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about our products, services,
co-operation possibilities or if you want to discuss about suitable solution for your project !